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overseas real estate China 's exclusive clientele

hkivan is a chian marketing agency,our DSP advertising Business for a number of overseas real estate enterprises provides more sales opportunities and brand display opportunities, and now also want to serve your company.

what's DSP advertising?
?A demand-side platform (DSP) is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.

DSPs are unique because they incorporate many of the facets previously offered by advertising networks, such as wide access to inventory and vertical and lateral targeting, with the ability to serve ads, real-time bid on ads, track the ads, and optimize. 


DSP advertising:

a:Show your projects to exclusive clientele, and link to sales sites,Direct induction Customer consultation Put $ 10,000 advertising costs,can be obtained 7.5 million times brand impressions and 1.7 million people click(Cost Per Click).
b:LBS AD Accurate push:Push your ads to high-end customers in chinese high end (housing) sub-division,High end hotels, top quality office and other high-end customers within 5 km on the phone,All advertising links to the project company's sales website.

c:Suppose in 2.2 million people have 500 people consultation, only 1 person?transaction, that effect is remarkable.


DSP Large data ads:

High-end customers based on large data

1:Cover up to 80% of chinese mobile and PC internet media

Including many from the mainstream media sites, vertical portals and other types of a total of more than one million websites, more than 300,000 APP applications, covering key high-quality video media platform;

2:Filter target users,For gender, consumption level, occupation,Car, hobbies and other property labels,The user classification screening, to determine The object that is casting the message.

3:Defines the message content and the presentation form,PC vertical and horizontal through the column, the conventional banner ads, targeted creation of attractive copy.


LBS (Location Based Accurate advertising push Services )

Delineate the GeoFencing:ccording to business needs, delineated on the map Geographical fence. Such as: shopping district, hotels,Schools, cinemas, airports,Stadium, car 4S shop, and so on.

A:With hundreds of millions of location beacons and POI scene data, and efficient access to the user location;

B:According to high-end user location, behavior trajectory and other scenes to determine "where the user, what."

C:Notice column shows ads, do not rely on users to open APP, the user clicks on the ad directly after the jump to the corresponding H5 page;


An Overseas Real Estate Project Launching:

Take you to experience more than 200% sales conversion rate increase!

Brand exposure for the target user, guide the user to pay attention to the project WeChat public and the official website, call the consultation, purchase or registration, etc.

Implementation challenges:

1. How to find new customers, increase the official website of the total number of visitors?

2. How to drive visitor value (including existing and new visitors), drive order conversion, and increase ROI?


PART1:How to find a new customer demand, the rapid expansion of the visitor database?

Crowd orientation: Accurately captures the target audience:we extracted more than 80 million high-end people interested in real estate in the database to draw a 360-degree three-dimensional portrait of people who are interested in overseas real estate and need to purchase, to determine the scope of the initial target population.


LBS geography Fence Big Data mobile ADS

A:【Select the 10 high-end residential and luxury hotel LBS advertising】

According to large data analysis out in the high-consumption shopping mall and high-end residential high-income groups, accurate push advertising.

B:Simultaneously,Delineated on the map to be put in the Macau port, Lotus port, set up a geographical fence. Target audience enters electronic fence to trigger ad push instantly.  

How to convert visitors to users, promote order conversions, and improve ROI?

After the completion of the pre-drainage, must be timely to seize the intention of customers, re-traction and in-depth communication, improve user retention and conversion rate.


Retargeting-Precipitate high-value visitors

Retargeting is a cutting-edge technology for accurate ad serving to people who have visited the Liv Web site and have achieved final sales through multiple impressions.

Massive brand exposure=free

Test investment $ 8800, for the project to bring 12 million times the precise potential exposure

DSP Ads pay by CPC, so display but do not click is not paid, the general 500 million times of the show have 10,000 clicks,

In other words, these massive displays are free.



1:It's the most effective way of the real estate projects can be Accurate push to Chinese high-end consumers.?

2:Through the massive Chinese Internet advertising and APP AD connected to the real estate projects, bringing the most sales opportunities.?

3:DSP advertising Cost Per Click,But according to probability the AD display 500 million times only 1 million people click,means that these massive brand display is free.?

4:DSP advertising directly linked with sales, advertising costs are low but the most efficient.?

5:Covering all of China's mainstream media and most of the network media and APP,Including PC DSP, MOBIL DSP.


10 years of high-end customer mining and marketing experience 

A:Our main customers are real estate customers, financial customers and international school customers,According to their needs in-depth excavation of China's high-end user base

B:After ten years of accumulation,Has many high-end QQ group, WeChat group, and a large number of Chinese chambers of commerce, associations, good relations




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